Razia to Marussia?

With Marussia finally announcing their car launch for the 5th of February, it seems that the backmarker team is set to attend their first ever preseason test.

But, with this announcement came rumors of an imminent signing of Luiz Razia to the team. Could the young Brazilian fill the void that Timo Glock created?

This means that in their 4th season in the top level of Motorsport, Marussia might field two rookies. Que mental red flag.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Vitaly Petrov is the man for Marussia. He is talented, dependable, he brings money and also major publicity for the team when the Russian Grand Prix comes around next year.


Do Marussia really want to gamble away their 2013 season and uncertain future away with two rookies? I wouldn’t advise it.

Luiz Razia had a commendable 2012 season. He was vice champion of the GP2 series after leading the championship for much of the season. There is no doubt that he has talent.


What he doesn’t have is credibility in a formula one car. He has had a couple one-off practice sessions for Caterham, but nothing long term or serious. I’m not saying that Razia would fail in his fist season of F1, but the risk Marussia would be taking with two rookies seems like a silly, avoidable mistake to me.

There is no doubt amongst the F1 paddock that Luiz is a very talented racing driver, but I don’t think the time is quite right for his F1 debut. A season as a Friday driver for a solid midfield team would do him no harm whatsoever.

If Marussia are serious about being an established midfield team, they can’t take a gamble with their drivers like this one. While it’s not confirmed, it does seem likely that a deal is imminent for Luiz. Marussia need to wait for their car to be up to scratch before they toss two rookies into it. They need an experienced driver with money who can do the development job while also being fast. This fantasy has not been fulfilled for the back marker squad just yet, and they would be wise to wait for it.


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