Ferrari Fall Short


First impressions of the new Ferrari F138 were not positive. When I first laid eyes on the maranello machine I thought, “Oh my God. It’s hideous”. Upon further examination, my opinions were justified.

This may be my inner (not so inner, really) Mclaren fan influencing my opinions, but I am sure I can’t be the only one who thinks that the nose/front wing attachment area is the spawn of some hideous scientific experiment. It has no fluidity or subtleness about it. Ferrari need to take some design queues from their 2011 car. It was proportionate, with clean lines and no awful color schemes.

Which brings me to my next criticism. That white and black go faster stripe running along the floor makes for an eye catching look, but it is quite invasive in the whole scheme of the car.

All I want is for Ferrari to go back to their design schemes from the early 1990’s. Those were some good looking cars.


On the positive side, Ferrari does seen enthusiastic about starting the season anew after the hardships of 2012. Having two refreshed drivers who are, hopefully both at the top of their game will also give the rest of the team a boost in confidence.

Ferrari have the potential to go back to the days of the early 2000’s when they dominated the F1 scene. They just need everything to click.

Once they get their windtunnel and simulators working properly, they can mount a proper title challenge themselves.

I still don’t understand fully why Fernando has opted to miss the Jerez test. Supposedly he doesn’t feel mentally prepared quite yet. This does mean that Pedro de la Rosa gets to start his new career at Ferrari much sooner than he expected.


Ferrari have a lot of reasons to be optimistic for the 2013 season. Mostly because its no longer 2012.


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