Going against the Grain

Force India became the fourth team to launch their 2013 challenger when they revealed the VJM06 at Silverstone this morning.

While their final driver lineup remains a mystery, their car was in plain view for all to see today.

Force India finished a relatively disappointing 7th in the 2012 Constructors’ Championship. Considering the progress they made at the end if 2011, their disappointment is justified. While their midfield rivals in Sauber and Williams challenged for poles and podiums, Force India only managed two 4th place finishes and a best qualifying of 5th.

This lack of comparative success has spurred Force India to take a more radical approach to their 2013 challenger.

Force India technical director Andrew Green has cited the lack of regulation change in 2013 as the reason for their technical direction for the upcoming season.

“Performance gains are getting harder and harder to find given the regulations’ stability…we had to redesign basically everything the maximize the potential of the car.”

A radical approach would seem to be quite a risk when total redesigns will be needed again for 2014 and the brand new regulations that come with it. Force India seem confident regardless of the consequences that might come from a total redesign, though.


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