Marussia Enter Unchartered Waters

Marussia were the final team to unveil their 2013 challenger. However, unlike last year, the team doesn’t still have crash tests to pass or parts to build, because they have prepared. This is the first year they will have a proper crack at preseason testing.

2010 was a debacle in terms of testing. They only managed a few laps throughout all the tests with reliability and aerodynamic issues constantly hampering them.

In 2013, though, the team is more stable and they have a proper design under their belts.

The loss of Timo Glock, while shocking to everyone, seems to have allowed the team a new start in F1. They will most likely have two brand new drivers in (confirmed) Mac Chilton and (heavily rumored) Luiz Razia. Like with Caterham, having two brand new drivers could be a bad thing for the team as development may suffer over the course of the season. However, a sense of excitement can be felt from the small outfit.

Their new car is an absolute stunner. It seems visibly longer than any other team’s car, and the smooth lines are gorgeous. As his is one of their first proper designs, it will be important that this beauty can be translated into speed.

Marussia need a good season. Closing the gap to Caterham, and hopefully the midfield, will be the goal for the season. If this proves impossible, then preparing their drivers for a second season will be helpful for the overhaul that is 2014. For their sake, I hope they can finally get it right.



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