Toro Rosso Show the World How to Really Launch an F1 Car

A particularly low-key launch was just what we needed after the farce of Mercedes’ hashtag debacle and Red Bull’s disappointing lack of media coverage. In fact, the unveiling of the STR8 was much akin to their 2012 season as a whole: understated, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. While Toro Rosso will be hoping to be the best of the midfield teams at the end of 2013, today the world was watching the car that may hopefully take them there.

The STR8 was revealed in much the same way as last years’ car. The pitlane of the Jerez circuit is much more suitable to car launches than many teams have seemed to realize. All you need is the car, a cover which can be removed from it, and some media personnel to capture that removal. It is simple.


The Toro Rosso is not expected to be a world beater in the way that the Sauber and Williams of 2012 were at points last year. The Toro Rosso is, however, expected to improve upon the underwhelming season that was 2012.

Franz Tost has explained that the focus, however, is on the “new era, specifically in 2014 and at Toro Rosso we have already made significant changes to our structure both in terms of manpower and facilities to be ready for that”. Indeed, 2014 will be a tough year for small outfits like Toro Rosso. The overhaul needed for radical regulation changes has the futures of a couple F1 teams in doubt.

Some new features on the Toro Rosso include a new smooth nose that a to the vanity panel, updated rear suspension and flat brake ducts. Without my technical expertise, where would you all be? The truth is, Toro Rosso need to come up with something if they aim to get ahead of Sauber, Williams and Force India anytime soon.



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