F1 is Turned up to 11

The final car was launched at last as Williams revealed this FW35 to the media before testing began in Barcelona. Williams have been a feature in the press because of their decision to delay their car launch until the second pre-season test. The head honchos at Williams have justified their decision by saying they utilized the extra two weeks to perfect their design so they could ensure it was the best it could be.

Williams weren’t just lazing around before they launched their car, though. They were hard at work in Jerez putting the new Pirelli tires through their paces. The evaluation, however, has been seen as a bit useless as the track surface at Jerez chewed up the tires at a ravenous pace, thus rendering the data gathered slightly skewed.

The first chance did at least give the team a chance to get their drivers back up to speed. Rookie Valtteri Bottas has a lot of hype behind him, and expectations are high for the Finnish rookie for the season opener.

The FW35 has launched as the successor to the quick and reliable FW34 which propelled Williams to their first win since 2004. The Spanish Grand Prix was the highlight of Williams’ season as good results in Abu Dhabi and Hungary were fragmented by driver errors mainly on the part if Maldonado.

Williams are confident that the FW35 is an improvement over its predecessor even though the design is more of an evolution than revolution. Technical director, Mike Coughlan is assured that The FW35 is “a better, more refined Formula One car than the FW34 and I think everyone involved can feel proud of the work they’ve done.”

The Williams team may be a bit on the Blackfoot compared to the other teams, but rest assured that the FW35 and their drivers will come out of the gate rearing to improve upon the successes of 2012.



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