GP3 testing begins

Gp3 testing began today in Estoril. This is the first chance for the young drivers to get a taste of the brand new generation of car after the first generation was retired for 2013.

The day would be mostly dedicated to getting used to the increase in both downforce and power compared to last years’ car. An increase to 400 horsepower will result in at least a couple of seconds drop in lap time at most circuits; this was proved when the fastest time set today was more than three seconds faster than any time achieved at the circuit last year.  Some drivers were impressed at how much more responsive than last years’ but also noted that it is more difficult to handle.  “So many people had said how difficult the new car would be to drive and they were right,” observed Carlos Sainz Jr.

The day was topped by Red Bull junior drivers, and GP3 rookies, Carlos Sainz Jr and Daniil Kvyat of MW Arden, the GP3 team owned by F1 star, Mark Webber.

Pos  Driver                 Team         Time       Gap       Laps
 1.  Carlos Sainz Jr        MW Arden     1m26.816s            29
 2.  Daniil Kvyat           MW Arden     1m27.616s  + 0.800s  27
 3.  Tio Ellinas            Manor        1m27.681s  + 0.865s  19
 4.  David Fumanelli        Trident      1m27.714s  + 0.898s  26
 5.  Kevin Korjus           Koiranen     1m27.846s  + 1.030s  25
 6.  Robert Visoiu          MW Arden     1m27.871s  + 1.055s  24
 7.  Giovanni Venturini     Trident      1m28.021s  + 1.205s  30
 8.  Patric Niederhauser    Jenzer       1m28.068s  + 1.252s  42
 9.  Facu Regalia           ART          1m28.112s  + 1.296s  27
10.  Conor Daly             ART          1m28.309s  + 1.493s  28
11.  Jack Harvey            ART          1m28.509s  + 1.693s  21
12.  Patrick Kujala         Koiranen     1m28.614s  + 1.798s  24
13.  Aaro Vainio            Koiranen     1m28.791s  + 1.975s  19
14.  Alex Fontana           Jenzer       1m28.844s  + 2.028s  28
15.  Nick Yelloly           Carlin       1m29.019s  + 2.203s  28
16.  Adderly Fong           Status       1m29.029s  + 2.213s  26
17.  Emanuele Zonzini       Trident      1m29.159s  + 2.343s  28
18.  Dino Zamparelli        Manor        1m29.201s  + 2.385s  30
19.  Josh Webster           Status       1m29.417s  + 2.601s  27
20.  Samin Gomez            Jenzer       1m29.682s  + 2.866s  35
21.  Vicky Piria            Manor        1m29.816s  + 3.000s  27
22.  Eric Lichtenstein      Carlin       1m29.852s  + 3.036s  27
23.  Ethan Ringel           Bamboo       1m30.266s  + 3.450s  27
24.  Luis Sa Silva          Carlin       1m30.477s  + 3.661s  26
25.  Jimmy Eriksson         Status       1m30.694s  + 3.878s  29
26.  Lewis Williamson       Bamboo       1m31.142s  + 4.326s  9
27.  Roberto La Rocca       Bamboo       1m31.313s  + 4.497s  13



2 thoughts on “GP3 testing begins

  1. Corr 2nd-4th are very close!

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