Formula Renault Testing Kicks off, but Freezes to a Halt

Formula Renault 3.5 is arguably the top Formula One feeder series out there along with GP2. The drivers of this series are at one of the last steps before the top echelon of motor racing. As a result, pre season testing is vital to success in the series. Getting it wrong in testing sends bad messages to potential sponsors and hampers the teams who have a lot of work to do over the long season.

Newcomer to the series and reigning Formula Renault 2.0 champion, Stoffel Vandoorne kicked off the test and his championship challenge in style by topping the first day of testing on Friday, just pipping the highly rated, and Red Bull-backed, Antonio Felix da Costa. The Belgian moved to the top of the timesheets in the closing minutes of the session with the Portuguese racer slotting in second just afterwards.


Lotus’ new recruits, Marco Sorenson and Marlon Stonckinger, were 12th and 13th respectively while Vandoorne’s teammate, Oliver Webb, was down in 17th.

Testing was canceled the next day due to bad weather. The morning saw freezing temperatures render the track useless with the amounts of ice on the surface. It seems northern Spain isn’t the most ideal testing location with Formula One testing encountering its own weather troubles on its final day on Friday. There are currently no plans for a reschedule, but there should be at some point in the near future.

Combined Friday testing times:

Pos  Driver                  Team            Time       Gap
 1.  Stoffel Vandoorne       Fortec          1m39.913s
 2.  Antonio Felix da Costa  Arden Caterham  1m40.055s  + 0.142s
 3.  Daniil Move             Comtec          1m40.068s  + 0.155s
 4.  Nico Muller             Draco           1m40.162s  + 0.249s
 5.  Will Stevens            P1              1m40.325s  + 0.412s
 6.  Andre Negrao            Draco           1m40.398s  + 0.485s
 7.  Pietro Fantin           Arden Caterham  1m40.724s  + 0.811s
 8.  Matias Laine            P1              1m40.731s  + 0.818s
 9.  Tom Dillmann            ISR             1m40.734s  + 0.821s
10.  Norman Nato             DAMS            1m40.734s  + 0.821s
11.  Sergey Sirotkin         ISR             1m41.036s  + 1.123s
12.  Marco Sorensen          Lotus           1m41.089s  + 1.176s
13.  Marlon Stockinger       Lotus           1m41.120s  + 1.207s
14.  Nikolay Martsenko       Pons            1m41.174s  + 1.261s
15.  Zoel Amberg             Pons            1m41.176s  + 1.263s
16.  Kevin Magnussen         DAMS            1m41.236s  + 1.323s
17.  Oliver Webb             Fortec          1m41.320s  + 1.407s
18.  Lucas Foresti           Comtec          1m41.361s  + 1.448s
19.  Mihail Aleshin          Tech 1          1m41.460s  + 1.547s
20.  Jazeman Jaafar          Carlin          1m41.496s  + 1.583s
21.  Nigel Melker            Tech 1          1m41.752s  + 1.839s
22.  Mihai Marinescu         Zeta            1m42.567s  + 2.654s
23.  Arthur Pic              AV              1m42.790s  + 2.877s
24.  Yann Cunha              AV              1m42.940s  + 3.027s
25.  Carlos Huertas          Carlin          1m43.277s  + 3.364s
26.  Daniel Zampieri         Zeta            1m43.304s  + 3.391s

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