A Case for Sutil

While the general consensus is that Jules Bianchi deserves the Force India drive in 2013, this doesn’t mean that Adrian Sutil is undeserving of a Formula one drive at all.

As a veteran of Formula One, Sutil has had time to give himself a reputation in the paddock. He has shown everyone that he is a very capable midfield driver, but hasn’t overly impressed. On his day, in a very competitive car, I am sure he could win a couple of races. But he isn’t championship material.

Force India, though, doesn’t have championship potential either. Their budget and potential match Sutil’s skill perfectly. This is why, while Bianchi would be perfect for the seat, Sutil is just as suited for the job. His outing in Barcelona last week also confirmed that he can still at least drive at a competitive speed still.

Force India would be the perfect team to help show off his potential. His connections with Ferrari made him a potential candidate for Massa’s seat in 2014, as well. But as it looks like Force India isn’t going to fight for the championship anytime soon, Sutil will be fine as their second driver.

While I believe Bianchi deserves the drive, Sutil has justified his place in F1. His criminal record could potentially cause some problems if he needs to travel, such as to America. Bianchi will have his chance to impress the world soon enough, and while he deserves the seat more than Sutil, this doesn’t rule out the German entirely.


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