The Future of Mclaren

With the confirmed departure of Paddy Lowe from Mclaren, and his immediate reduction in influence on the team, it looks as if their hope for a championship challenge in 2014 could be just a fantasy.

The nineteen years that Paddy Lowe spent at Mclaren have produced three drivers’ titles, one constructors’ championship and I one in four hit rate when it comes to wins. His time at Mclaren has undoubtedly seen some of the best times for Mclaren, but there is a lingering disappointment that they could have accomplished for example, the 2007 constructors’ and drivers’ championships were lost to foolish cheating while the 2012 championships were lost due to reliability issues and rather armature pit stop blunders. Though these problems aren’t all places on the shoulders of Lowe, his departure will at least give the team a chance to hit the reset button and start over for 2014.

Lowe’s replacement, Tim Goss comes with years of technical experience as well as Mclaren experience. This second trait is handy because as we all know, Mclaren have a unique way of operating. I am confident he will take his increased role in his stride. A lot of the success of the 2012 Mclaren can be credited to Goss; the seven wins, eight poles and several dominant performances.

The future of Mclaren With Tim Goss at the head of the technical department is certainly bright. Goss is talented, experienced and well liked by everyone in the team. While there may be some short term pitfalls in the wake of Lowe’s departure, the long term state of the team should be just as strong as ever.


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