Mercedes Called before International Tribunal; Ferrari off the Hook

In what has been one of the most controversial weeks in Formula One for some time, finally some concrete news has been revealed.

The test conducted by Mercedes following the Spanish Grand Prix came under question when other teams pointed out that Mercedes breached FIA regulation by using a current car and driver, rather than a Pirelli test car. Additionally, the FIA was not informed that all other teams were given the same opportunity to test with Pirelli, another breach in regulations, thus compounding on the growing tension around the situation.

Merecedes were quick to point out a similar test conducted by Ferrari following the bahrain Grand Prix. Ferrari conducted the test in a 2010 car, thus complying with regulations. However, they were still investigated by the FIA.

The FIA has gone over both cases and decided that Mercedes will appear in front of the new International Tribunal. Ferrari, after having been found innocent of regulation breach, are off the hook.

A date for the cast has not been officially set, but you can be sure that this story will continue to dominate the headlines until it is.

Please let me know your own thoughts by commenting below!


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