Moving On

For those who may not know, I have recently begun my new job as Formula One writer for Rant Sports. I am the only full-time F1 writer so I will be very busy for the next year.

As a result, this blog may not be updated quite as often as usual. I will do my best to keep updating the standings pages and, if I have time, continue the “Aftermath” pieces I really enjoy writing.

Please visit to get the latest news and updates on the world of F1. I, and hopefully others, will be doing my best to keep the public informed on all things Formula One. If you decide to make Rant Sports your destination for Formula One news, then I commend you.

To find the Formula One section of Rant Sports, go to and find the “More” tab on the main menu. In that tab, you will see a sub-tab marked “NASCAR”. Click on that link (I know, NASCAR is scary. But trust me) and you should be able to see the Formula One news towards the bottom of the page.

I understand that this is not among some of the more simple ways to get Formula One news, but I assure you that the news you get will be reliable, interesting and well written.

Thank you for all of the support over the past months of this blog’s life and I hope you continue to visit it over the years. My journey in Formula One is picking up steam and I cannot wait for the future. It won’t be easy, but that means it’s worth it.

Note: I should have a very interesting Q&A coming up with someone you may not know all that much about, but has recently gotten a hefty promotion…


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Congrats on the new job.

    One thing though, I checked out and they don’t have an F1 section. Is this something you’re changing?

    Cheers Mikee

    Sent from my iPad

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