My name is Chris Cassingham.  I’ve been avidly watching formula one since 2009 and since then, have taken a huge interest into the whole history and workings of formula one.  I live in Dallas, Tx, a city ripe with formula one enthusiasts (yeah, right).  I’m 17 years old and in the 11th grade.  I am also on my varsity swim team, which is one of the best in the state.

The thing I love about Formula 1 is that it is always evolving.  Some people don’t like that, and think it should stay simple and free of the political-mided big-wigs that dominate the F1 scene today, but I believe that the ever-changing nature of formula 1 is exciting.

I’ve created this blog for the purpose of expressing my thoughts about Formula 1.  This isn’t going to be a place for up-to-the minute news with posts every 2 hours. I’m here to express my thoughts and opinions about whatever catches my attention in the world of Formula 1 at the time, and I hope you, my readers, will do the same.

Well, that’s me. Not terribly fascinating, but hopefully you’ve been given some useful insight into how this blog will work.  Have a wonderful time on this blog, and be sure to express your own opinions in the comments section of any post. ENJOY!


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